Contorravum Character Sheet

“You humans are nothing but amusement for me and my children. Every night, I come and take lives from your cities and watch as you face my illusions. I find it hysterical that you kill each other to rid whatever your mind frets. You think you have what it takes to face against me!? I am the RULER of the Dread Dimension, The Dusted Nightmare, The Black Blue!” I AM CONTORRAVUM and you will SUFFER IN MY DREAD DIMENSION!!!!!” ⁃ Contorravum, The Trougera Chronicles I was commissioned by T.A. Kinlaw once again to make character sheets on his awesome kaijus from his book The Trougera Chronicles. This is the Contorravum, probably my most favorite kaiju I designed for this series so far. Click the link below to check out the book! Book link

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