Kaijrin Character Sheet

“Kaijrin has “Living Chernobyl” written all over her. She destroys and kills for the pleasure of it and before she and Trougera met, nothing could stop her. You should’ve seen what she did to Sparrowsberg. So. Many. Deaths. I see why they call her the “Land Reaper” now. Even while I was downtown, her destruction was unbelievable! Her radiation burnt the hell out of people and my skin. I’m honestly lucky to even be sitting here right now!! The U.K. and Japan won’t even help us because they’re scared that she might come over to their country. I just hope Trougera manages to kill her. Even he had a rough time.” -Ava I was commissioned by T.A. Kinlaw once again to make character sheets on his awesome kaijus from his book The Trougera Chronicles. This time it’s a character sheet on the devastating Kaijrin. Click here to check out the book

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