Bendy and the Ink Machine


"They have sent you a letter To come back home to play But to your dismay This isn't your day For the happy fun time has begun to fade Watch as we reanimate our corpses you abandoned And we're dismantled, we're mishandled But we won't be skipped and swayed" What ended up being a doodle ended up being a full drawing! I've been playing Bendy and the Ink Machine and I absolutely love it. The story is unique and scary (I'm SO glad my art has never come to life to kill me, lol!), the art style is beautiful, and it's just all around a fun game. I Highly recommend it and looking forward to the next chapter to be released! Anyway, here's a illustration I made on my take on Bendy. I played a lot on the idea of the corpse just being engulfed and reanimated with the ink, giving him a skeletal, demonic look. Enjoy!

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