The Evolution of Toothed Whales (Restored)


Here's the final part of my "Evolution of Toothed Whales" series. I wanted to illustrate how odontoceti whales have evolved and changed over the years. I had a blast on this final set, I really played with different colors, patterns, and details in their transition. I may be done with this series, but I also did another evolution study on baleen whales. It will only be seen in my future book I'm working on. The book I'm creating will have my best previous studies i've posted on the web, along with dinosaurs and prehistoric animals that you will only be able to see in my book. I'm really close to being done, then I'll have my husband help me out with a layout (I don't know what i'd do without him), then find somewhere to publish and sell. I will keep everyone updated with the making of my book. I really hope it will teach and inspire artists and prehistoric fanatics. Whales done in marker, colored pencil, and white pen.

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