The Fall of the Wall


After the last two episodes of Game of Thrones season 7 I just had to draw the scene where zombie Viserion attacks and breaks the wall, allowing the white walkers and the dead to pass. Now before I start getting messages for spoilers, let me remind you I waited for nearly a month since the season finale was aired. If I spoiled it for you i'm sorry, but I gave everyone a whole month before posting it. Anyway, talk about an emotional roller coaster! It broke my heart when Viserion dies, especially seeing everyone's reaction including Drogon and Rhaegel (I totally didn't get teary-eyed). But on top of that the Night King brings him back and makes him his mount!?!? It's going to be an interesting season 8, especially when Daenerys sees her undead child for the first time. And poor Drogon and Rhaegel seeing him! Anyway, I saw the season finale with a bunch of friends at a Game of Thrones season finale party and as soon as I got home I started drawing this. I just love the colors and action in this scene. I hope you enjoy!

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