Velociraptor Anatomy Study


I really wasn't happy with my old velociraptor study I did a few years back, so I made a new one. I always have fun drawing velociraptors. Velociraptor done in markers, colored pencils, and white pen. Labels done in Illustrator. So I got some news for everyone! One of my friends started a site called Pixery that's blowing up in popularity. They make shirts out of your artwork and designs. The thing that makes it awesome is the artist gets a percentage of the sale and the rest goes to a verified cause of the artists choice. So every time you buy a shirt from my store you not only get an awesome shirt that is high quality, you get to give back and do some good! I chose Visalia Feral Cat Coalition, which is a group I've been volunteering for years. It's a non profit organization that trap, neuter, and return feral cats to where we caught them. We also arrange people to feed the feral colony daily and make sure they're healthy, we even provide medical care if needed. It's great for the cats since they won't be reproducing, over populating the area, and it saves lives. Most feral cats are euthanized when an area gets overpopulated by ferals, it's heart breaking. But with TNR the cats can live out their lives in piece. It's also great for the local people because the cats stop fighting and spraying. We've saved many lives doing this and both the cats and locals are happy! So just think, every shirt you buy will save another cats life!

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